About Us

Dromara & Drumgooland Credit Union Limited is a local, not for profit financial institution. We specialise in providing a safe place for savings and loans in our community. Established in 1958, Dromara & Drumgooland Union Limited is proud of its heritage and continues to be governed by our members and voluntary Board of Directors.

A credit union is a group of people who save together and lend to each other at a fair and reasonable rate of interest. We offer members the chance to have control over their own finances by making their own savings work for them. Dromara & Drumgooland Credit Union Limited is owned by the members — the people who save and borrow with it — people like you.

When you become a member and start saving with Dromara & Drumgooland Credit Union Limited you will have access to fair and reasonable rates on savings and loans.

Your savings contribute to your credit union’s loan fund. So your savings are helping other members. Members like you.

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Our Benefits

As a member of Dromara & Drumgooland Credit Union you will enjoy many benefits associated with membership including:

  • Control over your finances. You own the Credit Union, One vote per member at AGM’s.
  • Encouraged and advised on a regular saving programme.
  • Loans available at relatively low rates, which remain consistent even through times of economic turbulence. Ease of payment through DD, Express Lodgement or Payroll Deduction.
  • Security of savings through the credit union’s fidelity bond, and through the Irish League of Credit Unions Savings Protection Scheme, €100,000 Deposit Guarantee Scheme.
  • Loan protection and life insurance at no direct cost to you.
  • The knowledge that your savings are being used in your own community.
  • Friendly personal service and opening hours that suit you.
  • No transaction charges or hidden fees.

Top Tips on Joining

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We have loans for all the big and little things in life.